la bonne vie

I entered this world on the Champs-Elysees, 1959.

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Deadbeat Summer


I few weeks ago…

A few weeks ago, I finally convinced some friends to join me and go to the Hollywood Museum in the old Max Factor building…as well the as Hollywood Heritage Museum. Hollywood Heritage was a tribute to silent pictures. Though small, had loads of information I had no knowledge of.


The Hollywood Museum I fell completely head over heels for! There was a Marilyn exhibit going on which had tons of her costumes and gorgeous dresses on display. My favorite part of the museum were the dressing rooms….which were named after different hair colors. Each room was filled with photos of classic bombshells, makeup they used, clothing, etc. I want to live there.

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It’s no secret that image-friendly Tumblr is riddled with soft-core pictures and dirty, dirty GIFs. But for all that, it’s awfully hard to find the good stuff. The porn tag is hopelessly choked with spam, and the good folks at Tumblr HQ don’t seem too keen on including a selection in the “explore” section, much less the Tumblr Radar.

And so Betabeat has decided to do a little curation for you. We haven’t limited ourselves to the strictly pornographic either—we’re taking a pretty expansive view of “sexy” here. But in case you’re looking, don’t worry, there is plenty of raunch. Please note, before we begin, that “not safe for work” does not even begin to do this slide show justice. Proceed accordingly.

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Classic Beauty: Rita Hayworth


At random.


Hooray for Hollywood

My favorite thing about this city is the history. Classic film has been a huge part of my life since I was a child and being in the place in which it started….makes my life 1,000 times more satisfying. Last week was the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival. An amazing weekend filled with many classic films, stars, and movie lovers. To be able to share a room with Debbie Reynolds and watch her films on the big screen just took me away.

Also, Kim Novak FINALLY being recognized and getting her hand prints in front of Graumans Chinese Theater.

Better late than never, right?

Though I didn’t get a chance to catch many films, it was still amazing to be around so many fans who shared the same passion for film as I did. One thing I was excited to partake in was the screening of High Society with special guest, Tina Sinatra. I was absolutely ecstatic to hear about Tina speak about her father! I also got a chance to attend a small party being held in the Marilyn Monroe suite at the Roosevelt. Gorgeous little bungalow that she spent a lot of time in while she was still alive. It was definitely the highlight of my month. I couldn’t really take any photos…but I did sneak some while I was in Club TCM. Til next year!


Help us Save the Pickfair Studio!

Help us Save the Pickfair Studio!

Don’t let history be destroyed. Help save what’s left of the golden age of Hollywood!


The best of all months. Triple Dirty Dancing birthday party, Malena visiting, and adventures.


2 months later.

I have been in LA for 2 months so far and it has gone by so fast. This has been the best 2 months of my life and it’s definitely been nothing but amazing. Let’s recap with some bad filters, shall we?

My last dinner with some of my favorite people. No shedding of tears but much laughter was had.

Then it was off to New Orleans. It was everything I expected it to be…but without the craze and excitement. Granted…Sean and I did get there at 9am….and this is where he talked me out of spending $2,000 on a signed Prince Purple Rain vinyl…sigh.

Next stop before LA was Austin, TX. One of my favorite cities…especially to eat. Mai, Sean, and I ate at every trailer park we could come across in our little time here. BBQ, texmex..but sadly, no dublin dr pepper 😦

I’m not sure why I didn’t document the rest of our journey…but it was great one.